Tuesday, May 27, 2008

d'artiste : Digital Painting 2

d'artiste : Digital Painting 2
This latest volume in the d'artiste series from Ballistic Publishing is a sequel to the excellent Digital Painting book which featured digital artists Linda Bergkvist, Phillip Straub, John Wallin and Robert Chang. Like all books in this series, Digital Painting 2 follows a similar format and features some of the works and also tutorials from several talented artists in this field. It also features selected works at the end of each guest artists section in which the artist comments on the piece being shown. This volume features digital artists Don Seegmiller, Mélanie Delon, Daniel Dociu and Marta Dahlig. visit the product page for more information. As usual d'artiste: Digital Painting 2 is presented in Slipcased and Limited Edition versions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alex Maleev

Cover for Daredevil 41
Comic artists have come a long way since the styles established in the early days of Batman, Superman and The X-men. Alex Maleev is one of a number of eastern european artists whose fine art inspired and highly graphical style of art has graced the covers and interiors of many high profile characters from Marvel, DC and other publishers. His work on titles like Daredevil and The Crow has drawn a lot of attention. His highly regarded work on Daredevil is considered to be the best work on the title since Frank Millers run in the 70's. His work was also used as Sylars Paintings in the hit television series Heroes. Check out his work at Maleev.com and The Comic Art Community.
Sylars painting of Kirby Plaza - Heroes TV Series

Monday, May 05, 2008

Expose 6 Available For Pre-Order

Expose 6 - limited edition prints
Ballistic Publishing have announce that you can now preorder the newest edition of their excellent Expose series. EXPOSÉ 6 features the usual selection of excellent artwork, with 334 inspiring images prepared by 257 artists from 43 countries, it showcases the very best work across 20 different categories. As usual there are 3 editions of this book and the first 300 purchasers will be gifted with 8 prints and a CD with a specially commissioned 15 minute Video Tutorial from Linda Bergkvist. Syd Mead has been awarded the Grandmaster Award for this edition. Click here to pre-order your book.